How to Fix AI file after Recovery?

Illustrator Fix Toolbox (Download Free) answers how fix error Illustrator AI file and ho to fix AI file after recovery without changing corrupted documents of Adobe Illustrator format. The AI fix file program, distributed by, suggests repairing affected illustrations and rebuilding corrupted data in clean and new files of Illustrator format.

Fixing AI file

Illustrator Fix Toolbox parses the structure of AI documents offline without connecting to Internet and revealing sensible information so the safety of Adobe Illustrator documents is guaranteed in all instances of analysis, regardless user skills, software problems and hardware issues.

How to Fix .AI file?

Besides, the procedure of fixing AI file represents a sequence of easy steps so you can easily do the following:

  • get detailed instructions about how to fix .AI file and start evaluating Illustrator Fix Toolbox by opening an image of AI corresponding format in this tool and analyzing selected document;
  • responds what can fix AI files and suggests friendly interface of Adobe Illustrator analysis that suggests executing several easy steps, clear for everyone;
  • recovers all objects, stored in Adobe Illustrator documents, corrupted due to internal software issues, download errors and other problems, converts these objects into clean files;
  • offers detailed guidelines about how it works and provides full support to its users regardless the difficulty of issue, helps at all stages of AI file restoration;

Illustrator Fix Toolbox is released by the community of professional software team development so you may evaluate the highest performance of analysis by downloading free version of this software and checking its efficiency. Sure it is not open source or freeware and the users of Illustrator Fix Toolbox should donate to the community of application developer, but free version of Illustrator Fix Toolbox (not GNU Lesser General Public License) offers the detailed explanation of how it work.

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